TGI’s extensive professional experience in airport concessions offers a unique perspective that drives our operational success. At TGI, we collectively propel our daily operations while continuously supporting each of our brands by providing insightful leadership and firm direction. TGI’s unparalleled expertise and tremendous prosperity are rooted in the dedication of our highly influential executive members.



President and Chief Executive Officer

“A firm, yet compassionate leader, who proactively embarks on our corporate transformation as a leading brand operator.”

The Grove, Inc. has been under the leadership of Ms. Michelle Dukler for eleven years. Headquartered in the western suburbs of Chicago, Michelle has recruited and developed the necessary team to chart TGI’s success as a premier brand operator in the airport concessions industry.

With her experienced and cohesive team, sought after brand portfolio and strong business infrastructure, she has successfully launched a rebuild of TGI into a food and beverage brand operator. Beyond daily operations, strategic financial planning, acquisitions, contract negotiating and new development, she has carefully grown her platform as a leading “BRAND STEWARD”.

While leading her executive team, Michelle oversees the operation of fifty-four stores with twenty brands in eleven airports and two train stations. Her determination to sustain a flourishing business is no small feat. The competitive arena she found within the concessions industry ignited her business approach that has more than tripled the size and profitability of TGI since her leadership started. With twenty-five years of combined executive and retail operations experience, she composed her mechanics of a successful business through a knowledgeable and creative eye towards building a highly efficient and profitable enterprise that can withstand the turbulent economic times we are experiencing.

Michelle proclaims, “It is my top priority to strive for financial stability and growth for my company and my employees – the latter – is far more rewarding.” Her executive presence affords a future of better industry standards.

Airport Concessions Management Experience: 11 years

Education:       B.S. in Biochemistry, Minors in Physiology and Biology,

University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO

Kansas City School of Medicine, University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO